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United for All Ages helps build stronger communities and a stronger country by bringing younger and older people together and promoting a Britain for all ages. Rather than dividing generations, social and economic policies and projects should unite all ages.

You may have seen TV coverage of children from nurseries mixing with older people living in care homes. Wouldn’t it be great if this happened in every community? If there was somewhere that older and younger people could mix and share activities and experiences?

The benefits of mixing are huge – from helping children learn and develop to reducing loneliness and improving the health of older people. And there are wider benefits for families and for our society which is segregated by age.

Bringing older and young people together can increase mutual understanding and tackle big issues like ageism and care. There are lots of different ways that ‘shared sites’ or ‘centres for all ages’ can be created.

The care-home nursery is perhaps the best known. There are also schools where older people’s services are based, and older people’s housing where students live. Plus many other examples. United for All Ages is working to develop shared sites like these across the UK.

Our aim is to support the development of 500 centres for all ages by 2023 – with at least one in every community. Wouldn’t that be great for everyone? You can help make it happen by supporting our crowdfunding appeal.

United for All Ages is a ‘think and do’ tank and social enterprise developing new ‘all ages’ approaches to key social and economic issues.

We work with national and local organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors to do things differently in our ageing society, building communities for all ages and developing shared sites such as care and housing schemes co-located with nurseries and schools. Join our network

News from United

NEW How nurseries can share sites with care homes – co-location of care is featured at the Nursery World Business Summit on 14 November with a presentation by United for All Ages.

NEW Second series of Channel 4’s Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds starts on Monday 8 October at 9pm for four weeks. Help create 500 centres for all ages across the UK by 2023 – please support our crowdfunding appeal

Getting involved – many local groups are contacting us about building links between care homes and informal childcare. Here are some Tips for parent and toddler groups planning activities with a local care home

Early Years TV interview on intergenerational care – Denise Burke gives practical advice and support to early years professionals looking to set up co-located care with nurseries and care homes here

Making co-location of care happen – United for All Ages is working with providers of older people’s housing and care and providers of childcare to create shared sites bringing old and young together. For more on the ‘how to’, please contact us

NEW Parliamentary inquiries tackle intergenerational issues – read our responses to inquiries by the Lords economic affairs select committee on care funding, the social integration APPG on intergenerational connection, and the Lords select committee on intergenerational fairness

NEW A Life Less Lonely by Nick Duerden – great new book on tackling loneliness features centres for all ages like care-home nurseries. United for All Ages supporters can get 30% off the RRP using code KINDER30 at the checkout at www.bloomsbury.com

The latest news from United for All Ages – our September 2018 newsletter

#mixingmatters – United for All Ages’ latest report on how shared sites can bring older and younger people together to promote intergenerational care and learning, housing and communities. See Mixing Matters

Learning from Intergenerational Housing Projects in the USA – this new report by Emma Garland following her Winston Churchill Fellowship in the USA has essential lessons for developing new housing schemes in the UK

Mixing and mending – a BBC video about the UK’s first intergenerational cafĂ© in Liverpool where people of all ages mix and sew, bake and mend all sorts of things

All in Together – a report from Generations United and the Eisner Foundation on shared sites in the USA, creating places where older and younger can people thrive – full report here

Ofsted gives the green light for co-located care – Ofsted has issued guidance to its inspectors on registering and inspecting shared sites with childcare and eldercare services for younger and older people. The guidance covers scenarios involving nurseries and childminders based at care home sites and can be seen here

Starting Young: lifelong lessons from the USA – see Lorraine George’s report on intergenerational care and learning following her Winston Churchill Fellowship in the USA with recommendations for the UK

First primary school to host a day centre for older people with dementia – launched in Redbridge, the day centre at Downshall primary school brings together older people and children to learn and grow together. Featured on BBC Breakfast TV and in The Guardian

Ending age apartheid – how the ‘care-home nursery’ can bring old and young together – our lecture to the Royal Society of Medicine’s Innovations Summit

The first ‘care-home nursery’ in this countryApples & Honey nursery opened at Nightingale House, a care home, bringing older and young people together with their families. Lovely BBC news film here. It’s the first example in the UK of a shared site with integrated activities, following the USA, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada and elsewhere in Europe. See more here and here

Making bridges with musicEvaluation Report by Plymouth University of Torbay council’s music project bringing older and young people together with childminders and care homes

How downsizing home can help all generations – see United for All Ages’ submission to the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Select Committee inquiry into housing for older people

Families get tougher on quality of care – the latest analysis of reviews left on Good Care Guide. See news release

A Country for All Ages: ending age apartheid in Brexit Britain: United for All Ages’ report on how different generations can be brought together – see report and news release

Creating age-friendly cities – a Parliamentary briefing for national and local politicians, planners, housing and transport providers

Fairness for all ages United for All Ages’ report Fairness for all ages – twenty radical ways to promote intergenerational equity features contributions from twenty national organisations on tackling inequality between generations

Downsizing home – United for All Ages’ latest website, www.downsizingdirect.com, encourages and supports older people and their families to downsize home. Providing free advice and practical support, the site aims to help older people to move to ‘the right place at the right time’ – a win-win for all generations

A Britain for All Ages – this report calls for a new contract between the generations, with ten ways to build a Britain where people of all ages can prosper. Read the report here See also this policy paper, A Future for All Ages

Commission on the Voluntary Sector and Ageing – looking at the implications for all voluntary organisations of our ageing society. See the Commission’s website for its reports and get future-proofing!

Social Integration Commission – looking at how we mix across age, income and race. Three reports have been published by The Challenge together with the British Integration Survey 2016.

Good Care Guide hosts millions of visits – the only website where families using childcare and eldercare can rate and review their care providers. See Channel 4 News about reviews on Good Care Guide, which was developed by United for All Ages and My Family Care to help families choose care and improve the quality of care. See Good Care Guide here

Cross Generational Housing – a report by Michael Keith on designing homes where three or more generations of the same family could live together under one roof, published by United for All Ages here

Scrap the Cap: ten reasons why the cap on care costs should be replaced (not just postponed) by a fairer way of funding care for older people. A campaign by National Pensioners Convention, Unison and United for All Ages

Awards for All Ages – the most recent winners were announced here. They show how action by and for all ages can tackle some of the big social issues facing Britain. See film of the presentation and the winners talking about their projects here.


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